Who Benefit From Using SAP Procure To Pay?

Most people are unaware of all of the details that go into producing a product and bringing it to market. One of the details that are often overlooked by those on the outside is a software term that is known as procure to pay (P2P). This is a part of the procurement process, and it involves everything from the time that the raw materials are purchased until they are paid for and the end-product enters the market.

SAP P2P Business Benefits

At one time, it was somewhat difficult to track all of these various aspects of the procure to pay process. It involved many different departments and in most cases, those departments did not correlate their data well enough to make the process efficient. When using SAP software, it is possible to incorporate every step of the process under one software umbrella. This would include processes such as supply management, purchase orders, receiving the material, reconciling the invoices and finally, the accounts payable process.

That is how the SAP procure to pay process benefits businesses (Source: Dolphin Corp. SAP Procure To Pay). It cuts down on the errors which might occur, which could be both costly and time-consuming. It also allows the various departments which have a hand in the procure to pay process to correlate their data so that it flows properly.

SAP P2P Consumer Benefits

The consumer also benefits when a company uses the SAP procure to pay software system. Since everything is streamlined, it allows for products to come to market quickly and efficiently. That is why you can go to the store and purchase what you need, instead of having to wait a lengthy amount of time before it arrives in the stores.

The streamlining of the procure to pay process when using the SAP software also helps to cut costs on the business end which is typically passed on to the customer. The entire process involves fewer errors, fewer departments and a lot less time.

As you can see, using the SAP procure to pay software solution allows everyone the benefit. It helps on the business end by saving time and money and it helps the customers in much the same way.

James Hadley, a professional business consultant specializing in SAP solutions, strongly recommend his client to utilize SAP procure to pay software as a faster and efficient solution to handling day-to-day transaction.

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