Top 5 Operating Systems

We are here to discuss the top 5 operating systems that are used widely over the world.

1. Windows 7: It is the latest offering from the Microsoft Corporation. It was released in 2009. It is now the World’s most used Windows based operating system in the World according to Latest Time Magazine Survey. Some of the features are:

  • Some of the Standard applications of previous Windows OS are not bundled in such as Calendar, Mail, Movie Maker and Photo Gallery
  • Available in six editions, namely Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate
  • Supports 32-bit and 64-bit architecture
  • New improved and added features include Touch, Speech Recognition and support for virtual hard Disks and File Systems
  • Windows Aero interface as that introduced in Windows Vista
  • Improved Start Menu interface
  • Better Device Handling and Management

2. Free BSD: It is the Unix like Operating System that has descended from AT&T and is available under the BSD. It is clone of Unix but is not like it. Some of its features are:

  • An extensive support to various network applications and protocols
  • Improved storage management , the Framework provides extensive features like RAID, Full Disk Encryption and concatenation of drivers
  • Improved Security and enhancements
  • Multiple Architecture Support
  • Extensive repository of free softwares and applications which can be downloaded for free
  • Linux Compatible

3. Windows XP: It is the longest running Windows based Operating System in the history of IT industry. The name “XP” is short term for “eXPerience”. It was the successor to Windows 2000 and Me. Its main features that separates it from Windows 2000 and Me are:

  • Several editions have been made since its release in 2000
  • Improved Start Menu and better task bar features like Locking and Unlocking
  • Improved File Explorer and Addition of new Folder Thumbnail view of folders and files
  • Auto Play feature which identifies content and short lists several program that can possibly run it
  • Explorer supports a basic form of mass renaming items
  • Windows X P’s Display Properties allows users to save their customizations as Themes
  • Use of dots (???) instead of asterisks (***) in password boxes

4. Ubuntu Linux: It is the latest of the Free Linux distributions. It is equipped with all the latest offerings which the world wide web community can offer.

  • It is developed by Canonical Ltd. which offers Life Long Support to its users. It is owned by Mark Shuttle Worth. Its main features are:
  • Covers almost all users of various interests and requirements
  • Supports Cloud Computing
  • Highly secure and efficient
  • Free CD is shipped by Canonical to your mailing address which is an innovative strategy to popularise Ubuntu
  • Available in different flavours viz: Kubuntu, Ubuntu, Xubuntu
  • Server and Desktop Editions available
  • New versions will be released in every 6 months by Canonical
  • Bundled with many softwares like, Firefox, Empathy, Transmission and GIMP
  • Highly maintained pool of free software which can be downloaded and installed via Ubuntu Software Center

5. Mac OS X: It is the series of Unix based operating systems that is maintained and marketed by Apple Inc.

It is shipped with all the Apple products as software in it. Its features are:

  • iTunes is the software which syncs the content of iPod, iPhone and Apple TV.
  • Dock+Finder which provides fast and one click access to frequently used applications, folders and files
  • Expose instantly views all the open windows in stunning style with a single keystroke
  • Safari is the in built web browser of this OS
  • Spotlight is the search feature that can be used to search files, email, contacts, images, calendar events, and applications
  • Photo Booth takes fun photos and snapshots of the video clips

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and also you may have found some new info about these top 5 operating systems.

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  1. Suliasan Drs Ak
    Nov 7, 2017

    It is so useful knowing about top five operating system for personal computer as guidance to select the most appropriate one. Thank you.

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