Technology for Outdoors Adventures

In the digital age that we now live in technology can be used almost everywhere. It’s hard to find a place in America where you can’t at least connect to a satellite and use GPS. So if you’re heading on an outdoor adventure into the great not-so-known you may wonder what kind of technology you’ll want to bring along and what will be the most beneficial to you on your trek. Try out these suggestions to keep your from suffering from technology withdrawal.

A weather radio may seem like an ancient device but they have come a long way in recent years. Now you can find ones that include flashlights and can even charge devices either by using solar panels or hand crank! In the event of an emergency, this is definitely something handy to have in your backpack! If you’re worried that that hand crank will be too much work after your exhausting hike try out a packable solar panel with a USB port. It folds up to be super slim and can give out much more power than your weather radio would.

Ever seen a USB rechargeable water bottle? Camelback makes on that will use UV rays to filter your water! Simply fill it up and shake for 60 seconds to have completely safe drinking water. A full battery will last you 80 fill ups so don’t worry about how you’re going to find time to hand crank your phone and your water bottle to a full charge!

To take up little space but still have all the gadgets you need check into an outdoor tablet. You can find ones that use very little battery but still give you all of the essentials like GPS, AM/FM radio, weather readings, and more. You can find ones that will solar charge or charge via USB port.

Of course you’re going to need something to carry these high tech outdoor gadgets in so make sure that you invest in a good backpack to keep everything protected from the sometimes harsh elements. Eddie Bauer has a great selection of backpacks perfect for hikes and you can use this link to find out how to get a great deal on one Keep your gadgets in one of these and bring along a great hiking partner and you’ve got everything you need for a great time in the great outdoors!