How to Optimize Your Mac with Onyx

Tips on optimizing your mac With Onyx.

While many mac users do not have the usual bug problems that windows users dread, they still experience problems that are similar. Mac users can sometimes experience slow moving system or one that seems to take forever to start up. This might be due to a number of problems ranging from having too many things on your hard drive to having too many active login items. This is where Onyx steps in to do some housecleaning on your behalf.

What is Onyx?

Onyx is free maintenance software for mac users. It is one of the best options available on the market to optimize your mac computer and the biggest perk is that it is absolutely free. Whether you are interested in regular maintenance of your mac OS X or for getting rid of files that are not being used, you can download Onyx Mac  as it gets more thorough with each version of their software.

How to Optimize my MAC with Onyx

While Onyx might seem intimidating for some mac users, it really is user friendly as by just clicking on each icon, there is a fairly understandable explanation of what you can do with each option. Here are a few ways you can get the best out of your mac by using Onyx.

Running maintenance Scripts; Mac computers automatically runs scripts daily. Mac on a whole has its own self monitoring mechanism but Onyx does more than that. Onyx allows you to run these scripts according to schedule as opposed to Mac’s built in system that runs these scripts daily, weekly and monthly. These scripts are important to keep your mc operating at its optimum levels. To schedule these scripts how you want, select scripts from the Maintenance files, while there, you will see the option to schedule daily, weekly, and monthly. By clicking on the checkboxes, you will change your own preferences. You will then move on to deleting System Archived Log and then in order to have Onyx run those scripts, select Execute.

Mac Cleaning; even if you are not yet experiencing any noticeable problems with your mac, regular cleaning and ,maintenance helps to keep it in tip top shape. Onyx helps you to achieve this by allowing you to utilize their Cleaning tab. Some of the cache elements that Onyx is able to clean from your system include; Directory Services, Boot Cache, Kernel and Extensions, CUPS Jobs among other components.  These are space hogging items and will give way to much needed space on your drive.

Removing Other Unwanted Items; even outside of regular cleaning, Onyx will work to remove items that you no longer need such as obsolete items, Download mail etc. these are items that might have otherwise been forgotten but detected by Onyx. Removing these will give your mac a well needed boost as it is now able to optimize its performance by freeing up well needed space.

Many people will debate whether or not having cleaning software is necessary for a mac computer. While mac has its own built in device to help it to maintain optimum levels, software does give it a well needed boost. Onyx runs scripts according to your own personal preference and will scan your mac to detect any problems that might be causing it to operate below par. Removing items that are no0 longer needed is a time consuming task when done manually, having software remove these items makes it more thorough and less labor intensive. 

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