Hottest New Tablets at CES 2012

The Consumer Electronics show held annually in Las Vegas is one of the most famous global affairs where people pour in by the thousands. The varied range of diverse products catches the attention of millions of people and they either buy these products or place an order for them. All the big and small players in the health, fitness, security, electronic and computer industry can be seen setting up shop here. Several tablets were released in the show and most of them had their OS marked by Android. Google actually monopolized the market and exerted their presence heavily. If you are looking for the newest hottest tablets in the CES show, these tablet reviews will help you choose your favorite one.


  • ASUS Transformer 700 series
      This tablet is said to be the crowning glory of all the tablets that were showcased at the CES show. ASUS is a consumer electronics manufacturer based at Taiwan. Tablet reviews say that this hot tablet in town just became all the hotter as it was equipped with a refreshed hardware. The stunning display offered by the tablet is a feast to the eye. The price of the tablet, together with its dock, will be about $749; the tablet alone costs $599.

      • 1920/1200 resolution will definitely make it highly unique
      • The laptop dock offers 10 hours more of battery life
      • Top notch hardware; the best in the market
      • Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor
      • 1.2 MP front camera and 8MP rear camera
      • 1 GB memory
      • Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich is the OS


  • Lenovo‚Äôs Quad-core IdeaTab K2 Multimedia Tablet

This is one of the newest tablets released by the company. It is mainly a gaming and multimedia tablet. Several new technologies are found in this tablet; and it makes the device highly irresistible. The extremely rich features found on the tablet makes it the ultimate for all your gaming needs.


      • ARM processor
      • Premium IPS display
      • Nvidia’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor
      • Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich OS
      • Innovative technologies like 1 GB DDR3 memory
      • SRS surround sound for amazing clarity
      • 1200/800 resolution

Lenono is constantly doing consumer surveys and market studies to gauge the needs and the wants of the customers. Finally, with the tablet, all their well thought out experiments have paid off because with it the company has become one of the most favored names in the tablet market. According to tablet reviews, the price of the tablet is not yet released.


  • Pantech Element

Pantech is a name to reckon with as the company has come up with certain products that exude both sleekness and usability. The technology they use is becoming a rage in the market. Though their initial products were based on handsets, they have come up with tablets, too. The Pantech Element is the one that is catching the eye of the critics now. Its waterproof feature is what attracts it mainly to the consumer. Its other features are listed below:


    • Extremely budget friendly; just under $300
    • Android 3.2 Honeycomb OS
    • Front and rear end camera
    • 8 inch display offers magnificent web viewing features

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