Best Windows 7 Gadgets

Windows 7 is the latest version of Windows from Microsoft. As with every new version, it has many improvements. Most importantly, it has been acknowledged as a huge improvement over the previous version i.e. Windows Vista which was almost a failure. Many people simply enjoy the experience of using Microsoft Windows 7 because of the various benefits it has to offer.

Windows 7 Gadgets
A number of gadgets are available for Windows 7 that are frequently used gadgets by many users over the world. Downloading these gadgets will surely make windows 7 cooler and will also make life a whole lot simpler for many. These gadgets prove to be useful to many users. The following are the desktop gadgets downloaded by many:

System monitors/All CPU Meter: System monitors are quite beneficial while working on computer systems. The system monitor on the desktop warns the user about malware present on the computer and even informs a person of any particular program that was installed in due course of time. The All CPU Meter is the main gadget which is frequently downloaded by many people. The All CPU gadget enables the user to monitor the RAM usage. The Meter helps in monitoring and keeping track of the computer’s performance. The Meter is also known to help in managing many applications simultaneously.

Language Translator: The desktop gadget that includes the language translator comes in handy all the time for people who have to switch between languages for work purposes. This language translator is able to translate around 54 different languages. The language translator can help translate a script or text in any particular language. It is a very convenient gadget for many Windows 7 users.

Weather bug: Weather bug is a gadget available in Windows 7 that is quite famous among people. Many people are downloading this gadget as it lets a person know about live weather conditions of any place in the world. It is present on the sidebar of the computer. The weather bug also provides detailed forecasts, radar, weather cameras, and severe weather alerts from various tracking stations. It can be quite useful for people who travel a lot as bad weather conditions do not make it feasible for people to travel.

Facebook/Twitter explorer: The Facebook and Twitter gadgets deal with the most popular networking sites. These networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are regularly accessed by many people and therefore many people find it necessary to update this gadget. Having this gadget makes it easier for people who frequently use the site because a person need not open the sign-in window whenever they want to update their status as the gadget itself allows this keeping the site open and also enables a person to access Twitter and Facebook simultaneously. There is no need to visit the website.

Skype gadget: Skype gadget lets one view their contacts, make calls, and also begin IM conversations with others. Using Skype without making use of the Skype gadget can get very frustrating and annoying as it is extremely difficult to navigate on Skype. Using the Skype gadget can be very useful as it makes it easier for one to navigate. The Skype gadget does not show the huge window of Skype on the desktop. It is an easier way to keep in touch with people from different parts of the world. Hence most people are making use of this gadget.

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  1. andrea
    Jun 9, 2011

    This gadgets can help us make life a little easier but for me i’d rather turn them off. I have 2 computers and when the windows sidebar is activated the computer seems to be a little slower. Then i ask help from one of my friend who is an IT and told me that this gadgets has an effect on the performance which is true because when he turn it off my pc become a little faster. It still defends on the person if they will activate it or not.

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